Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling in the Classroom! A great way to improve and grow student writing!
Learning about digital storytelling can be challenging, but using the links below, you will find resources to learn the process and support your students in creating quality stories!

Introduction to Storytelling
Digital Storytelling is a fantastic way to engage students, teachers and just about anyone else who has ever wanted to be the next Ken Burns or Steven Spielberg. There are many different definitions of "digital storytelling," but in general, all of them revolve around the idea of combining the longstanding art of telling stories with any of a variety of available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video animation, and Web publishing.
- From College of Education, University of Houston
We will begin our Digital Storytelling Journey using the link below:
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Storyboard Graphic Organizer #1
Storyboard Graphic Organizer #2
Storyboard Graphic Organizer #3
Storyboard Graphic Organizer #4

Rubric #1
Rubric #2
Link to Multimedia Rubrics


Voicethread in the Classroom